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Radon System Photos.

Photos of typical radon mitigation system installations
by Infiltec in the Washington, DC metro area.
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WARNING: This information is provided as a service to our potential customers, but Infiltec, Inc. can not be
responsible for its use or misuse. Infiltec Inc. does not provide radon mitigation or testing services.

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Here are some pictures of professionally installed radon mitigation systems. The most common radon mitigation technique is called either soil depressurization, or active subslab depressurization (ASD), or subslab suction (SSD). This is by far the most common type of radon reduction system installed today. Generally, a hole is drilled through the basement slab, a cavity is excavated beneath the slab, and 3" or 4" diameter PVC pipe is run up from the slab, out through the basement wall, where it connects to an exterior mounted exhaust fan. From the fan, an exhaust pipe runs up at least 10 feet above ground level, and 10 feet from any windows.

(Click on thumbnails below for full screen images)

radon mitigation 1 Soil depressurization system: view of typical fan placement.

radon mitigation 2 Soil depressurization system: view of typical fan placement and exhaust on one-story home.

radon mitigation 3 Soil depressurization system: view of fan location & exhaust (behind chimney) on two-story home.

radon mitigation 4 Soil depressurization system: aluminum sump cover with radon exhaust pipe (on left).

radon mitigation 5 Soil depressurization system: fan located in attic and exhaust through roof.

SDS photo 8 Soil depressurization system: fan location near AC compressor.

SDS photo 19 Soil Depressurization system:
House exterior - fan close up.

SDS photo 18 Soil Depressurization system:
House exterior - medium view.

SDS photo 20 Soil Depressurization system:
House exterior - far view.

radon mitigation 7 Soil depressurization system: despite an open sump, this system worked well and produced 1"wc vacuum.

radon mitigation 9 Soil depressurization system: installed on apartment building.

radon mitigation 10 Soil depressurization system: typical fan placement showing safety disconnect switch.

radon mitigation 11 Soil depressurization system: exterior installation with multiple suction points through foundation wall.

radon mitigation 12 Soil depressurization system:
roof exhaust.

Click here for pictures of radon fans.

Click here for technical drawings of radon mitigation systems.

SDS photo 6 Radon removal:
the ultimate solution!

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For more radon mitigation photographs, click on WPB Enterprises
the oldest radon mitigation firm in
Pennsylvania, to see how the PA experts do it.

For further assistance, call Infiltec toll free at (888) 349-7236 from 7AM - 4PM ET or email: Infiltec Factory .
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