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Blower Door Contractor List.

Find the house doctor closest to you in our ZIP ordered list.
Each of these contractors offers blower door testing.
Some offer duct leakage testing and more.

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Contractors (in ZIP order ) Who Offer Blower Door Testing and Other House Doctoring:.

If you offer blower door testing and want to be listed here,
please follow the instructions below to request a free listing.
If you have a web page, please place a link to Infiltec on it.

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Infiltec's list of U.S. and Canada blower door contractors:

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Infiltec's list of EUROPEAN blower door contractors:

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Other pages that have lists of contractors who may do blower door tests:

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If you want to be listed at no charge, please send Infiltec the following contact information:

company URL(optional), company name,
email address(optional), your name,
street or PO Box address,
city, state(xx)

Please email your data to Infiltec , in exactly this order to simplify our data entry. Fax to (540) 932-3025 if you do not have email. The minimum requirement for listing is offering blower door tests to the public, but you should also indicate what other house doctoring you provide (duct testing, pressure balancing with micromanometer, HERS auditing, energy audit, home inspection, infrared scanning, historical energy usage analysis, backdraft testing, etc.). We may add more information like this to the contractor listing format. If you have a web page, please place a link to Infiltec on it.

For further assistance, call Infiltec toll free at (888) 349-7236 weekdays 7 AM to 4 PM ET, or email: Infiltec .
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