1995 International Radon Symposium

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American Association of Radon
Scientists and Technologists

September 27-30, 1995
Regal Maxwell House Hotel
Nashville, TN

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Table of Contents

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Chairperson's Welcome

Session I: Radon as a Health Hazard & Risk Communication

Radon Risk Perception - A Canadian Perspective
Arthur G. Scott, Arthur Scott and Associates

EPA's Strategy to Reduce Risk of Radon
Frank Marcinowski, U.S. EPA, Office of Radiation and Indoor Air

Radon, Lung Cancer, and Geology in Livingston, Overton County, Tennessee
Curtis Officer, Susie Shimek and Francis Fitzgerald, TN

Lung Cancers Among Non-Smoking Occupants of Structures with Elevated Radon Levels
B.V. Alvarez, J.L. Alvarez, and James W. Krueger, Air Check, Inc.

A Chamber Exposure of EIC's and AT's to Simulate Their Use as Dosimeters for Radon Workers
Paul N. Houle, Department of Physics, E. Stroudsburg University; Bill Brodhead, WPB Enterprises

Occupant Radon Exposure in Houses with Basements
Evelyn M. Franklin, University of MN; Sylvia Fuoss, AIA, Inc.

Session II: Public Awareness

Why Scientists and the Public Do Not Believe in Radon Risks
Raymond H. Johnson, Jr., Communication Sciences Institute

A Cooperative Agreement Between the National Medical Association (NMA), and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), to Promote Radon Awareness, Testing and Mitigation in the African-American Community
Gearline Cabiness Bryan, NMA, Radon Education Program

Risk Perception and Driving Forces for Indoor Radon Reduction Activities
David E. Hintenlang, Department of Nuclear Engineering Sciences, University of FL

Consumer Federation of America's Radon Fix-It Program: A Report on the Effectiveness of Tender Loving Care (TLC) in Encouraging Testers to Mitigate Their Homes and Reduce Radon Levels
Rebecca A. Cohen and David A. Swankin, Consumer H-E-L-P; Barbara J. Hutchison, Tele-Consumer Hotline

Promoting Environmental Justice: Efforts to Increase Awareness of Radon in Connecticut
Alan J. Siniscalchi, Regine C. Beakes and Xaviel Soto, State of CT, Department of Public Health and Addiction Services

Radon Risk Perception and Public Understanding in Pennsylvania
Michelle M. Kaufman and Michael A. Pyles, PA Department of Environmental Resources

Attitutes About Radon Exhibited by Hotline Callers: An Illinois Study
Marjorie Walle, Cindy Ladage and Launa Williams, IL Department of Nuclear Safety, Wayne Rider, Independent Environmental Economist/Statistician; Lisa Kanallakan, Heneghan and Associates

Attitdes Toward Radon Risk: Follow-up Evaluation of a Radon Measurement and Information Campaign in New Ulm, Minnesota
Sylvia Fuoss, AIA, Inc.

Community Outreach: The Evolvement of a Risk-Reduction Program
Ron Mitchell, NM Environment Department

Session III: Radon Surveys

A Comparison of the Radon Potential Map with Reported Radon Data
Michael DeVaynes and James W. Krueger, Air Check, Inc.

Developing Geologic Tools for Finding Very High Indoor Radon, Examples From the Midwestern and Eastern United States
Linda C.S. Gundersen and R. Randall Schumann, U.S. Geological Survey

Indoor Radon Concentration Data: It's Geographic and Geologic Distribution, an Example From the Capital District, NY
John J. Thomas, Geology Department, Skidmore College; Barbara R. Thomas; Helen M. Overeynder

Thoron in Swedish Buildings
Lars Mjones, Rolf Falk, Hans Mellander, and Leif Nyblom, Swedish Radiation Protection Institute; Ingvar Nilsson, Evinco Consultants

Natioanwide Survey of RCP Listed Mitigation Contractors
Bill Brodhead, WPB Enterprises, Inc.

Radon and Geology in the Atlanta Area
L. Scott Ranger, Radon Georgia

The Influence of Real Estate Brokers on Radon Testing Frequency During Home Sales: Survey of Professional Home Inspectors
Scott P. Abel, Radon News Digest, Dallas Jones, RadaLink; Richard A. Jordan, Radon Analytical Laboratories, Inc.

Kansas Data and Maps
Khalid M. Kalout, KS Department of Health and Environment, Bureau of Air and Radiation, Radiation Control Program

Radon Associated with the Application of By-product Phosphogypsum in Agriculture
J.E. Recheigl and I.S. Alcordo, University of FL; L. Stieff, Rad Elec, Inc.; R.C. Littell and C.E. Roessler, University of FL

Session IV: Radon Measurement

Intercomparison of Active, Passive and Continuous Instruments for Radon and Radon Progeny
Andreas C. George, E.O. Knutson, K.W. Tu and I. Fisenne, Environmental Measurements Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy

Radon Contamination of Residential Structures: Impact of the "Weather Effect" on the Short-Term Radon Test
Richard L. Hoffmann, IL Central College

An Integrated Compartmental Model for Prediction of Indoor Radon Concentration
Kaiss K. Al-Ahmady and David E. Hintenlang, Department of Nuclear Engineering Sciences, University of FL

Factors Affecting Indoor Radon Concentration in Norwegian Homes
Terje Strand, Norwegian Protection Authority

Spatial and Temporal Variations of Soil Gas 220RN and 222RN at Two Sites in New Jersey
Adam R. Hutter, Environmental Measurements Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy

Experimental and Modeling Studies of Thorn Decay Products in Outdoor Air Near the Ground Surface
Piotr T. Wasiolek, Stephen D. Schery, and Jeremy E. Broestl, Geophysical Research Center, NM Institute of Mining and Technology; Anthony C. James, United States Transuranium and Uranium Registries, WA State University

Measurement of Low Levels of Dissolved Radon and Radium in Water
P. Kotrappa, Rad Elec, Inc.; R. Corbitt, FL State University, Department of Oceanography

A Means to Make Open-Face Charcoal Detectors Respond Correctly to Varying Concentration Radon Fields
Carl H. Distenfeld, TCS Industries, Inc.

Indoor Radon in New York State Schools
William Condon, Susan Van Ort, Adela Salame-Alfie, Karim Rimawi, Thomas Papura, NY State Department of Health; Charles Kunz and Kirk Fisher, NY State Department of Health

Radon and Climatic Muliparameter Analysis: A one-Year-Study on Radon Dynamics in a House
V. Genrich, Genitron Instruments

Six Years of New Jersey DEP - Radon QC Contract Collaboration - A Model for AARST Radon Chambers Nationwide in the Post-EPA/RMP ERA
Bruno E. Sabels and Judy B. Garcia, Radon QC

Dual Standard or Correct Protocol? An Analysis of Continuous Monitors in Real Estate Transaction Testing Under EPA Protocol
James W. Krueger, Air Chek, Inc.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency National Radon Proficiency Program: Measurement and Mitigation Proficiency
Philip P. Jalbert, Brenda Doroski, et al, U.S. EPA, Radon Division

Comparison in Performance: School Maintenance Personnel vs. RMP Listen Technicians in the Placement and Retrieval of Radon Test Devices in School Buildings
James W. Krueger, Air Chek, Inc.

Calibration Chamber Services at Radon QC: 1987-1995: What did Eight Years of Experience Teach Us?
Judy B. Garcia and Bruno Sables, Radon QC

A Mathematical Approach for Predicting Long-Term Indoor Radon Concentrations from Short-Term Measurements
Kaiss K. Al-Ahmady and David E. Hintenlang, Department of Nuclear Engineering Sciences, University of FL

Radon Testing for Large Nonresidential Buildings
D.L. Wilson, C.S. Dudney and R.B. Gammage, Health Sciences Research Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; K.M. Davis, Hazardous Waste Remedial Actions Program

Session V: Radon Mitigation

Radon Mitigation of Groundwater at a Commercial Fish Hatchery
Michael Kitto, Charles Kunz, Craig McNutly and Michael Kuhland, NY State Department of Health; Scott Covert, NY State Department of Environmental Conservation

Radon Mitigation Diagnostics for Large Nonresidential Buildings
D.L. Wilson, C.S. Dudney and R.B. Gammage, Health Sciences Research Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; K.M. Davis, Hazardous Waste Remedial Actions Program

Reducing Indoor Radon Levels in a UK Test House Using Different Ventilation Strategies
Paul A. Welsh, Building Research Establishment

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Radon Mitigation Standards: A Status Report
G. Lee Salmon and Eugene Fisher, U.S. EPA, Office of Radiation and Indoor Air

Radon-Resistant Construction: Alternative Techniques
Charles Kunz, NY State Department of Health

Developing Model with Breeze to Study Radon Migration and Mitigation in a Single Family House
Fan Wang and Ian C. Ward, Building Science Research Unit, The School of Architectural Studies, The University of Sheffield

An Investigation of Factors Affecting the Entry of Radon into Structures on the Island of Guam
Douglas L. Kladder, Colorado Vintage Companies, Inc.; James F. Burkhart, Physics Department, University of CO at Colorado Springs; Mark S. Thorburn, Western Regional Training Center; Peter Q. Cruz, Radon Program, Guam Environmental Protection Agency

Analysis of Tow Types of Pressure Extension Tests
Andrew Cripps and Roger Stephen, Building Research Establishment; Trevor Gregory, Cornwall County Council

A Controlled Field Test of Radon Reduction Through Solar Ventilation at Six Homes in Northeast Iowa
H.E. Rhoads, P.L. Hoekje, R.J. Klein and J.A. Olson, University of Northern Iowa

Washington State Passive Stack Study Conclusions
Ray Tekverk and Jan E. Fay, Fayteck, Incorporated

Test Methods for Evaluating Radon Barriers
Harry E. Rector, GEOMET Technologies, Inc.

A Non-Traditional Radon Mitigation
Myron Edelkind, Southern Mechanical; Gene Fisher, U.S. EPA, Office of Radiation and Indoor Air

A Computer Program for ASD System Design Applications in Large Building Radon Mitigation
Kaiss K. Al-Ahmady and David E. Hintenlang, Department of Nuclear Engineering Sciences, University of FL

Passive Stacks in a Multifamily Housing Project
David Saum, Infiltec

Radon Diagnostics: Ineffective Techniques & Unsolved Problems
Marc Messing, Infiltec Radon Control, Inc.

Building Radon-Resistant Homes in the U.S.: Strategy for the Dissemination of the EPA Model Standards for Control of Radon in New Residential Buildings
Jennifer L. Keller, U.S. EPA, Office of Radiation and Indoor Air


International Perspectives

Liability and Contractual Issues for Radon Professionals

Sales, Marketing and Business Practices

Quality-The Key to Radon Business Success in the 1990's: It Only Costs a Little More to Go First Class

Raymond H. Johnson, Jr., Key Technology, Inc.

RMP/RCP Programs

Working with Real Estate Brokers and Agents

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