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		  November Activites

 Ayn Rand's play "Night of January 16th will be performed 
 by the Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School Drama Club at 
 the B-CC Fine Arts Auditorium on November 10th and 11th, 
 and on the 17th and 18th.  Tickets are $6 and are 
 available at the door.  The phone number of the high 
 school is 301/657-4900.  On Friday the 10th, the B-CC 
 HS Literary Club is having a benefit dinner at 6 PM 
 before the play.  Several of us plan to go to the dinner 
 and play on Friday the 10th, and we invite any members 
 and friends of WMOD join us.  The HS is located on 
 East-West Highway right off Wisconsin Ave in the heart 
 of Bethesda.  If you need more information, such as 
 Metro access, please call the HS at 301/657-4900.

 Ayn Rand's Night of January 16th was a success on 
 Broadway in the season of 1935-36, and it has since 
 been produced countless times all over the world.  
 Rand characterized it in her 1968 introduction 
 as "not Romantic Realism, but Romantic Symbolism.  
 For those acquainted with the Objectivist aesthetics, 
 I can name a more precise classification: Night of 
 January 16th is not a philosophical, but a sense of 
 life play."  The play involves a jury trial where 
 the jury members are selected from the audience, 
 and the results are in doubt until the end of 
 each performance.

 From the dust jacket of the 1968 edition: "Night of 
 January 16th pits against each other two diametrically 
 opposed life styles and asks the reader to choose 
 between them.  One side is represented by Bjorn 
 Faulkner (based roughly after Ivar Kreuger) bold, 
 arrogant, self confident, passionately independent--who 
 never appears yet dominates the play's action, and by 
 Karen Andre, his mistress, who sums up their basic 
 attitude: "To him, it was only: you can or you can't.  
 To me, it was only: he wants or he doesn't."  On the 
 other side are the forces of conventional morality 
 (or immorality?)--Faulkner's lovely young bride, 
 Nancy Lee, and his father-in-law, John Graham 
 Whitfield, millionaire banker and philanthropist."

 Thanks to Doris Gordon who discovered the B-CC 


 Chris Sciabarra, the author of "Ayn Rand, The Russian 
 Radical" was scheduled to speak at the Cato Institute at 6 
 PM on Thursday November 16th.  Chris has been ill so his 
 talk is being rescheduled for December or January.  


 Bob Bidinotto spoke on his new book "Criminal Justice? The 
 Legal System vs. Individual Responsibility" on November 1st 
 at the Tyson's Borders and at Cato on the 3rd.  Several WMOD
 members attended the talks, Q&A and book signing.  

 Psychologist Nathaniel Branden gave a talk at Cato on the 2nd 
 on "The Philosophic and Psychological Foundations of a Free 
 Society."  Both of the Cato talks were video taped and may 
 be available from Cato.  Contact Diana Brickell for more 
 information ((Diana@artsci.wustl.edu or phone:202/789-5283).  
 The talk by Branden was also taped by CSPAN 
 and had not been shown by them as of Monday 11/6.  CSPAN daily 
 schedules are available at http://www.cspan.org or by phone 
 at 202/628-2205.  Cato will show a video of the Branden 
 speech on their cable show which airs on Tuesday November 
 7 at 9 PM on Media General Cable. 


 November 7, Tuesday, 9 PM 
     Cato video of  Nathaniel Branden speech
     Media General Cable (Fairfax)
 November 10, Friday, 8 PM 
     Rand's play: Night of January 16th, $6
     Bethesda-Chevy Chase HS, 301/657-4900

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