Washington Metro Objectivism Discussion (WMOD) 
               November 1, 1995 Meeting

                  Robert Bidinotto

                 "Criminal Justice? 
     The legal System vs. Individual Responsibility"

     The Wednesday November 1 meeting of WMOD will feature a 
 talk by writer Robert Bidinotto on his new book Criminal Justice? 
 The legal System vs. Individual Responsibility. Bob examines 
 the condition of an American justice system that excuses 
 criminals from responsibilities for their actions.  He examines 
 how and why the system doesn't work and recommends ways to fix it.

     According to psychologist Nathaniel Branden: "This is the 
 most brilliantly informative book on the subject of crime I have 
 ever read.  It is mandatory reading, not only for anyone concerned
 with law enforcement and social justice, but anyone who wishes 
 to better understand the problems afflicting the present society.  
 I have never read anything like it. I cannot recommend it highly 

     Walter Williams, Economics professor at George Mason 
 University, also has high praise for the book: "Robert Bidinotto 
 has done it.  He's managed to assemble a group of scholarly, yet 
 immensely readable, articles that completely demolish a half
 century of half-baked theories about the causes of and society's 
 response to crime.  You're going to find out that the average 
 citizen was right all along and the 'experts' deathly wrong."

     Robert Bidinotto is an award-winning investigative 
 journalist, columnist and lecturer who specializes in cultural 
 and political issues.  A frequent contributor to Reader's Digest,
 he is perhaps best known for his article "Getting Away With 
 Murder" in July 1988. That investigative piece stirred a national 
 controversy about prison furlough programs during the 1988
 presidential campaign, and helped make convicted killer Willie 
 Horton a household name.  The Almanac of American Politics 1990 
 called Bidinotto's article "the most influential piece of 
 journalism in the whole campaign."  Criminal Justice? is Bob's
 first book.  He is working on a novel, as well as more 
 investigative projects.

When and Where?

     Bidinotto will be speaking at Border's Books at Tyson's 
 Corner on Wednesday November 1 at 7:30 pm. The address is Tyson's 
 Square, 8311 Leesburg Pike (also known as Route 7).  After the 
 talk there will be a book signing, and Bob will join us for a bite
 to eat after 9 pm.  See the calendar for Bob's other media events.

 September WMOD Meeting

     Thanks to bank regulation expert Bert Ely for his stimulating 
 talk on 9/20: "The Fed, Alan Greenspan, and Objectivism."  This was 
 the best attended WMOD event ever (at over 30), and Bert was still 
 fielding questions when the restaurant closed at 10:30 pm. 
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