Washington Metro Objectivism Discussion (WMOD) 
                 January 18, 1995 Meeting
           Ed Hudgins on "Making a Free Society"

    Dr Edward L. Hudgins will speak on "Making a Free Society, 
 or How to Be an Effective Objectivist" at the Wednesday January 
 18 meeting of WMOD.    

    While Objectivists usually have an unobstructed vision of 
 the kind of society and country they want to live in, they some-
 times have a less-than-clear understanding of how to get there.  
 Ed will discuss how ideas and societies change, and how activists 
 can be policy entrepreneurs in the fight to make men free by 
 making free men.

    Ed Hudgins is the Director of Regulatory Studies at the Cato 
 Institute in Washington, DC.  He has worked as a Senior Economist 
 for Congressman Dick Armey and as a Policy Director at the 
 Heritage Foundation.  Ed has taught at various area universities.  
 He has a BA from the University of Maryland, a Masters from 
 American University, and a Ph.D. in Political Philosophy from 
 Catholic University.  

  When and Where?

     Join us for dinner on 1/18 at 7 pm and/or for the talk at 
 8:15 pm at the Fortune Chinese Restaurant at Baileys Xroads, VA 
 on Route 7 between 7 Corners and Columbia Pike (5900 Leesburg Pike 
 703/998-8888).  WMOD has arranged for a $15 fixed price dinner 
 (including tax and tip). Please RSVP to WMOD before noon Wednesday 
 1/18/95 for the dinner and/or the talk.
                             DC AREA CALENDAR

 * 1995 WMOD meetings will be held on the third Wednesday of each 
   month (locations may vary) 

 * 1/8 No. VA Classical Liberal Get Together - 4-6PM in Fairfax, 
   Contact Louis James 703/273-5762(h) or 703/934-6970(w) or Email:
   cmp@gmu.edu; 1995 meetings held on the 1st Sunday of each month

 * 1/5 Vienna Coffee Club - Econ. Prof. Peter J. Boettke, NYU on 
   "Into 2000 with Austrian Economics"
 * 2/16 Vienna Coffee Club - Doug Bandow of Cato on "The Politics 
   of Envy: Statism as Theology"
 * 3/23 Vienna Coffee Club - Fred Smith of CEI: "Saving the Ecology 
   without Destroying the Economy"
   (at Tysons Marriott by Future of Freedom Foundation - RSVP Carl 
   Helstrom at 703/934-6969) 

     To keep informed about WMOD activities, send your email 
 address and/or snail mail address to: 
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 |PO Box 8007           |Fax    : 703/671-9350              | 
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