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My Old Climbing Photos

Old, but cool stuff from the Alps, Mexican volcanos, Yosemite, the Schawangunks, Mount Rainier, etc.

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1865 London Times:
Why is the best blood of England to waste itself
scaling hitherto inaccessible peaks, in straining
the eternal snows and reaching the unfathomable
abyss never to return? Is it life? Is it duty? Is it
common sense? Is it allowable? Is it not wrong?
Chamonix, France 1970s
Chamonix: Cest Moi Cest Moi Chamonix: Crevase Crevasse Chamonix: Ice Climb Ice Climb Chamonix: Apres le Climb Apres le Climb
Chamonix: Downtown Downtown Chamonix: Climber's Graveyard Climber's Graveyard
Mount Rainier, Washington State
Rainier Base Camp Base Camp Rainier: Dawn Dawn Rainier: Sea of Clouds Sea of Clouds
Rainier: Before dawn Before dawn Rainier: Sunrise Sunrise Rainier: On the climb On the climb
Volcanos, near Mexico city
Mexico: Amecameca Amecameca Mexico: Ascending Popo Ascending Popo Mexico: Descending Popo Descending Popo
Rafting the Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon: South Rim South Rim Grand Canyon: Rowing lesson Rowing lesson Grand Canyon: Side canyon Side canyon
Schawangunks rock climbing, near New Paltz, NY
Gunks: Carriage Road Carriage Road Gunks: John Stannard John Stannard Gunks: close up close up Gunks: Dick Saum Dick Saum
Gunks: Errol Morris & Dick Saum Errol Morris & Dick Saum
Bon Echo Park - Ontario - the Cliffs Rise out of a Lake
Bon Echo: Traverse Traverse

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