Washington Metro Objectivism Discussion (WMOD)

                  June 28, 1998 Meeting

                  "Effective Therapy"

                by Michael J. Hurd, Ph.D.

At the June WMOD meeting, Michael Hurd will discuss the problems and
advantages, if any, of the major schools of psychotherapy from the
perspective of the layman seeking therapy. He will also answer
questions about therapy and psychology in general. You are invited
to send him questions in advance via email: MJHurd@aol.com.

Dr Hurd's new book "Effective Therapy" shows how the consumer can
find a competent, rational mental health professional. More than a
self-help book, it exposes the roles of Freudian therapists, the Twelve
Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, and militant feminists in undermining
the self-esteem and independence of individuals seeking professional
help. It also describes constructive alternatives to traditional
counseling in terms the layman can understand.

In addition, "Effective Therapy" contains a chapter on why mental
health treatment is not a moral or political right. The author strongly
advocates for a free market in health care in place of today's
government-inspired managed care system.

Michael J. Hurd, Ph.D., is a psychotherapist in private practice in
Chevy Chase, Maryland. He received his B.A. in Psychology (Summa Cum
Laude) from Catholic University of America in Washington, DC, and his
Masters of Social Work from the University of Maryland in 1988. Dr.
Hurd received his Ph.D. in psychology from San Francisco's Saybrook
Institute in 1991. You can read a lengthy interview with Dr. Hurd in
last months "Full Context" magazine: http://www.fullcontext.org.

Since 1992, he has published "The Living Resources Newsletter",
which addresses psychological and social issues from an Objectivist
perspective. His articles have also appeared in Family Facts, Human
Events, The Washington Times, AOB News and The Freeman. Dr. Hurd is
also a dedicated intellectual activist, having had over two dozen
letters published in numerous papers including: The New York Times,
The Chicago Tribune, USA Today, The Boston Globe, The Baltimore Sun,
and others.

His most recent published work is "Effective Therapy", a book which
surveys and criticizes the common schools of psychotherapeutic
practice: behavioral, feminist, New Age, Twelve-Steps, cognitive and
others. It helps the reader decide whether he needs a professional
therapist and if so, how to choose a good one. More than a self-help
book, Effective Therapy is a philosophical expose of the determinism
underlying many of today's approaches to therapeutic practice.

You can contact Dr Hurd at the Living Resources Psychotherapy Center,
5480 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 226, Chevy Chase MD 20815, USA
phone: (301) 654-3939, Email: MJHurd@aol.com, and Web:

                 May WMOD Meeting

Thanks again to Kurt Schuler for his stimulating talk on "The Market
Challenge to the Government's Money Monopoly" on May 13.  There were
30 attendees at the Hunan Palace, and the discussion continued until
the restaurant closed.

               When and Where is the WMOD Meeting?

Join us on SUNDAY, June 28.  Note that this is NOT our usual
3rd Wednesday of the meeting date and we are starting an hour
earlier than usual (5:30 pm instead of 6:30 pm).  Anyone who is
interested in rational discussion of Ayn Rand's ideas is welcome.
We have a NEW MEETING LOCATION that is Metro accessible.  You can
either join us for drinks at 5:30 with dinner at 6 pm and/or for
the talk (free) at 7:15 pm at the Hunan Palace in Rosslyn, VA
just across the Key Bridge from Georgetown.  The street address is
1812 North Moore Street. If you come by Metro, get off at the
Rosslyn Metro Exit and the Hunan Palace is only a few feet away.
Take the street exit on N Moore Street (across street from Roy
Rogers/Burger King), go out of Metro and take a left, and the
Palace is a few feet down N Moore street. If you drive, there is
a parking garage next door to the Palace that is free after 6:00 pm
if you get your ticket validated at the Palace. WMOD has arranged
for a $15 fixed price dinner (including tax and tip).  Or you can
order from the menu.  Please RSVP to WMOD at (703) 820-7696
before noon Friday 6/26 so that we can tell the restaurant how
many tables to set up and how many to expect for dinner.  For more
information on the restaurant, call the Palace at
(703) 528-8188, or call David Saum at (703) 820-7696 (W) or (703)
671-5119 (H).  If you have transportation problems, give us a call.
               Future Meetings

WMOD meetings are generally held on the 3rd Wednesday of each
month. We are always looking for new stimulating meeting topics
related to Objectivism.  Please contact WMOD if you have suggestions
for meeting topics and locations, or if you can volunteer some time to
arrange meetings.


6/25 CATO noon talk by law professor David Rabban on his new
book "Free Speech in Its Forgotten Years".  Call Michelle Rider
to RSVP by 6/23 at 202/789-5229 or MRider@cato.org.

7/1 Vienna Coffee Club discussion on "The Role of Government in a
Free Society" with Walter Williams, James Bovard, Sheldon Richman
and Jacob Hornberger. 4-6 pm presentations, 6-8 pm reception at the
Omni Shoreham Hotel at 2500 Calvert St NW in Washington. $25 per
person. Please RSVP at least 24 hours in advance to 703/934-6101 or

               WMOD Contact Information

The WMOD newsletter is $10/yr,  email newsletter is free.

  Dave Saum
  PO Box 8007
  Falls Church, VA 22041
    Email: DSaum at infiltec.com
    Phone: (703) 820-7696
    Fax: (703) 671-9350
    Web: http://www.infiltec.com/wmod.htm

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