Washington Metro Objectivism Discussion (WMOD)

                       October 21, 1998

    "The Asian Crisis: A Libertarian/Objectivist Perspective"

                	By Bert Ely

Based in part on a recent trip to East Asia, Bert Ely will explain
what the Asian economic crisis is, and is not.  In particular, he
will explain why the so-called Asian miracle of recent years in fact
was a form of state-directed capitalism that was doomed to fail.
He will further explore Asia's political shortcomings from both a
libertarian as well as an Objectivist perspective.  He will offer
some insights into how the Asian crisis might play itself out,
implications for the U.S. economy, and why the gold standard,
currency boards, and state bailout plans offer no hope to Asia.
Bert is a frequent WMOD speaker on economic issues.

Bert Ely has specialized in deposit insurance and banking
structure issues since 1981. As the S&L situation worsened,
he became in 1986 one of the first persons to publicly
predict a taxpayer bailout of the FSLIC. In 1991, he was
the first person to correctly predict the non-crisis in
commercial banking; in 1992, he predicted the forthcoming
taxpayer bailout of the Japanese banking system.
On an ongoing basis, he monitors conditions in the banking
and thrift industries, the growing politicization of the
credit allocation process, and issues involving monetary
policy and the payments system. He has helped to draft
legislation to enact the cross-guarantee concept for
privatizing banking regulation and its attendant deposit
insurance and systemic risks. He also consults on current
legislative and regulatory trends in Washington, deposit
insurance issues, structural changes in the financial
services industry, and the role that electronic technology
has played in fostering "regulatory arbitrage" within
the financial system.
He has testified before numerous congressional committees
on banking issues and is often quoted in many publications,
including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal,
American Banker, and BusinessWeek. He appears on television
regularly and speaks frequently about deposit insurance and
other banking issues, the Washington scene as it affects
banking, monetary policy, and trends in financial services.
He also serves as an expert witness in lawsuits involving
deposit insurance and regulatory negligence issues and has
published numerous articles and papers on a broad range of
financial services topics.

Bert Ely was a financial consultant to a broad range of
manufacturing, distribution, and service businesses from 1972
to the mid-1980s. As a specialist in corporate insolvency matters,
he served as a Chapter 11 bankruptcy trustee and bankruptcy
examiner. He also participated in numerous corporate turnarounds
and loan restructurings. Thus, he brings to the deposit insurance
issue a broad business background and hands-on experience with
insolvency matters.
Prior to 1972, Bert Ely served as chief financial officer of
a public company, as a management consultant with Touche, Ross
& Co., and as an auditor with Ernst & Ernst.  Bert received his
MBA from the Harvard Business School in 1968 and his BBA in
economics and accounting from Case Western Reserve University in
1964.  For more information on Bert's work, browse his company
web site http://www.ely-co.com or email him at Bert@ely-co.com.

                    September WMOD Meeting

Thanks again to Will Wilkinson for his September 23 talk 
on "Richard Rorty and Post Modern Politics". Approximately 30
folks attended the meeting.

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