QM-4.5LV Seismometer for schools, offices and homes. This realtime display updates every 5 minutes. Click here to return to the Infiltec QM-4.5LV product page.

LONG PERIOD Real-Time Display of QM-4.5LV Data emphasizes distant quakes. It is generated by setting AmaSeis software bandpass filtering to a long period (0.04Hz/25sec to 0.10Hz/10sec) band:

SHORT PERIOD Real-Time Display of QM-4.5LV Data emphasizes nearby quakes and local noise. It is generated by AmaSeis software bandpass filtering to a short period (0.5Hz/2sec to 1.0Hz/1sec) band:

Note that both SHORT AND LONG PERIOD displays above come from one QM-4.5LV seismometer by splitting the QM-4.5LV serial output with a DB9 cable Y splitter.

24 Hour Helicorder Plot: Each horizontal line is an hour in UT (Universal Time), with new data on the bottom line, and quake intensity plotted on the vertical axis.
Time Accuracy: UT is sychronized to web time servers within milliseconds by the free About Time PC software.
Technical Specifications: 16 bit ADC, vertical geophone sensor, 8 pole Bessel LP filter, low-noise amplifier, 0.01 to 1.0 Hz analog frequency bandpass.
Sensitivity: The QM-4.5LV generally detects magnitude 7 quakes or greater worldwide, and magnitude 6 quakes or greater across the USA.
Location: This QM-4.5LV is on a noisy slab-on-grade in the Infiltec factory in Waynesboro, VA about 100 meters from a busy train track. A vault on bedrock would be less noisy.
Software: Data logging, display, and web images are provided by the free AmaSeis and Fling PC software.
Data Output: ASCII serial records @ 9600 8N1, output serial cable with DB9 connector for COM port, works with most USB to serial adapters for PC without COM port.
Power: No external power supply is required because the QM-4.5LV connects to PC serial or USB port and derives its power from the db9 port pins 4(DTR) and 7(RTS). Note that not all USB-serial adapters can supply the ~5ma@7v power that the QM-4.5LV needs to operate. The QM-4.5LV comes with a tested USB adapter.
Computer Requirements: Works best with a PC running 24/7 and a broadband internet connection. The hardware and software has been tested on Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10. Approximately 1MB of data is logged to the hard drive every 24 hours.
Today's Quakes: USGS earthquake list, Columbia University seismograph near NYC, and IRIS Seismographs in Schools.



    Complete Infiltec QM-4.5LV Seismometer hardware  ready to run Complete QM-4.5LV Seismometer hardware ready to run (click on image to enlarge).

    Infiltec QM-4.5LV Seismometer system label with Quick Start Instructions QM-4.5LV Seismometer system label with Quick Start Instructions (click on image to enlarge).

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