Status of Proposed 7/10/99 Mt Washington Climb

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============================ June 20 1999 Update =============================

--- folks who have expressed interest

1. DSaum at (Dave Saum) - need ride
2. (Steve Hicks) - has car or truck
3. (Gayle Dean) - needs ride
4. Johann - needs ride
5. (Don Parrish) - needs ride
6. (Adkins, Eric) - needs ride
7. (Kirez Korgan) - needs ride
8. (Edward O'Connor) - needs ride
9. (Lana Gaiton) - needs ride
10. (William Sullivan) - has car (Tercel)
11. (Jeff Keller) has car (camero)
12. PCOATES/0002034677@MCIMAIL.COM (Phil Coates) - need ride

---------5/27 advice from Don Baldino
> Subj:	 Mt. Washington
>  Date:	5/27/99 12:13:10 AM Eastern Daylight Time
>  From: (Don Baldino)
>  To:	dsaum at
>  CC:
>  Dear David,
>  I've climbed Mt. Washington four times. It would be an excellent choice
>  because everyone could participate. Persons without proper hiking equipment
>  could climb the auto road in sneakers. It's about a 12% grade and requires
>  good conditioning. Note: Mt.Washington is over 6,200'.
>  Experienced, properly-equipped hikers could ascend more challenging trails.
>  Persons who are disinclined to climb because of health concerns or for any
>  other reason could take the cog railroad to the summit and back. Descending
>  by rail would be an available option for any hiker overextended by the climb.
>  I don't recommend that anyone drive up the auto road. Controlled descent can
>  burn out your auto brakes.
>  The scenic drive to Mt. Washington and the views from the mountain are 
>  fabulous.
>  You could make a more modest climb of Mt. Monadnock, whose name will appeal
>  to fans of the Fountainhead. It's about 4000', near Jaffrey, NH.
>  However, in my opinion, Mt. Washington would be a much better choice.
>                           Don Baldino

-----------5/25 advice from Ken Barnes  
> Subj:	 Climbing Mt Washington. 
>  Date:	5/25/99 5:37:47 PM Eastern Daylight Time
>  From: (K.A.Barnes)
>  To:	dsaum at
>  Dave,
>  	I climbed Mt Washington many years ago.  There is a restaurant, telephone
>  and parking lot at the top, so if you get someone to pick you up there, you
>  don't have to hike down.  (Maybe someones wife that doesn't want to hike.)
>  This would reduce your time commitment and maybe your need to take along
>  provisions.
>  	You are right about the infamous weather.  On the trail all the way up you
>  will find memorial markers for the various people that didn't make it.  The
>  problem is that some people start out from the bottom rather casually.  Its
>  a nice day and they decide to hike up the mountain. Then part way up
>  impossible weather sets in (fog-clouds, rain, snow, hail, lightning...).
>  They lose their way. And sometimes die. But other than the weather, it is a
>  pleasant, not too demanding hike. (I hiked  it before my walking problems. )
>  Hope you have good weather, 
>  Ken

---5/24/99 invitation to the WeTheLiving email lists

Subj:  Join the 2nd Annual Post Seminar Mountain Climb

If you will be in Vermont in July, let me know
if you are interested in joining a few of us for a
non-technical hike up one of the many peaks in
New England. (non-technical means no ropes or
ice climbing equipment).

I suggest climbing Mt Washington on Saturday July 10
after the seminal ends. Washington is the highest peak
in New England.  Since the climb takes all day,
you will probably want to schedule your
departure on Sunday or later.  We will have to
leave Burlington early Saturday morning to drive 
to Mt Washington (which is in NH). Note that this
may put a slight crimp in your post banquet
partying and/or sleep.

Although there is no altitude problem like the
14,000 foot peak we climbed last year in Colorado, the
4000+ elevation gain of the Mt Washington climb
will tax most of us.  However, there are a number
of routes of varying difficulty, and since there
is a road & railway to the top, you can ride down
if the climb up is too exhausting.  Note that the
weather on Mt Washington is infamous for its 
severity, and the possibility of climbing at all will
depend on the weather.  Although no technical
equipment is required, foul weather gear is a must,
and the hike is long and strenuous. A list of 
recommended equipment will be provided.  We will
need transportation to and from the mountain, so
let me know if you will have wheels.  I have not
climbed Mt Washington, so let me know if you 

I have put some web links to information about
the climb on
For a view of summit conditions right now,
consult the Mt Washington CAM:

I am still open to other schedules and other
mountains.  All plans are subject to weather.
This side trip is NOT sponsored by IOS, myself
or the other climbers.  You must be prepared to
take responsibility for your own safety. 


Dave Saum

--------------some Web links about Mt Washington

in no particular order

Two Routes up Mt Washington

Map and links about climbing Mt Washington

Pix of warning signs and graves on Mt Washington

World's worst weather

check out the current weather at the observatory

Huntington Ravine Route

Guided Hikes:
Eastern Mountain Sports Climbing School (EMS) in North Conway, 5 miles from
the hostel, shuttle possible.
International Mountain Equipment Climbing School (IME) in North Conway, 5
miles from hostel, shuttle bus available.

AUTO ROAD up Mount Washington 603.466.3988. May 17, the road opens.
$15/vehicle and driver (includes audio tour) $6/passenger $4/child (5-12yr.)
COG RAILROAD up Mount Washington. 603.846.5404. Rides depart 11am & 2 pm.
$37 adults $32 senior citizen $24 kid 6-12 yrs

HIKING TRAILS UP THE "ROCKPILE"- There are several hiking trails that go up
Mount Washington. The 'easiest' and most popular, Tuckerman's Ravine trail,
is 8.4miles/13.6kms roundtrip (about 6-8 hours). There are other trails that
are not crowded and more interesting (and more difficult).
The area at the base of the mountain

NH weather links

history of the cog railway up mt washington

Tuckerman Ravine with Pix of Mt Washington

Pix and history of cog railway

An account of an attempt to climb Mt Washington in winter

technical climbing in NH

Mt Washington Pix

Cog railway web site

Auto road up Mt Washington

Weather Underground forcast for Mt Washington

Mt Washington CAM: live pix from summit

Current weather on top of Mt Washington

Details about Mt Washington weather

Essay on Mt Washington

Winter ascent of Mt Washington- trip report with pix

Day hikes in the White Mountains (several routes on Mt Washington)

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